ironCast Episode 8: Hey Are You Having Twins?

In this episode Nik and I reflect on two months of podcasting and wonder if we’ll have any inclination to continue once the baby is born. We also follow up on the great Blue Toilet Seat Mystery with some new information courtesy of Dr. Mac and then we discuss our 36 week OB appointment in which we discover that both doctors in the group are pretty much the same sort of no-nonsense practitioner. We then dive into a conversation about how rude people can be, likely without even realizing it, when they interact with a sensitive woman in late-term pregnancy. Wrapping it up in That’s Entertainment we see the Next Food Network Star begin to draw to a close and talk about how unsurprised we were to see Jameka get the axe while simultaneously scratching our heads as to how Debbie managed to avoid her fate for another week. Music this week from Spoon.

Show Notes

Total running time: 38:08

  • [00:00] Intro: “The Underdog” – Spoon
  • [00:20] Welcome; Month Two
  • [02:21] Interlude: “Two Sides/Monsieur Valentine” – Spoon
  • [02:37] The Great Blue Toilet Seat Mystery Revisited

  • [06:54] Interlude: “The Delicate Place” – Spoon
  • [07:18] Baby Talk: 36 Week Appointment
  • [13:05] Interlude: “I Turn My Camera On” – Spoon
  • [13:31] Baby Talk: Rudeness vs. Pregnancy
  • [24:55] Interlude: “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” – Spoon
  • [25:20] That’s Entertainment: The Next Food Network Star
  • [37:14] Outro: “I Summon You” – Spoon
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